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In recent times, technological progress has made great strides, and SOMO Production Spa has always kept up with the pace to provide its customers with state-of-the-art sheet metal forming machines.
In its more than 60-year history, SOMO has supplied machines and equipment to dozens of companies around the world.

To ensure that our customers also keep up with the innovations that SOMO constantly implements in its machinery, we offer a retrofitting service on older machines.
This service meets the needs of customers who, with a smaller investment than the purchase of a new machine, can still have the benefits of a new machine.

Our retrofitting/revamping service allows you to upgrade various aspects related to automation, sheet metal handling and numerical control.

Get in touch with SOMO's sales team to find out how we can revamp your machine fleet.



Plants for pole production

Bending presses and complete plants for processing poles of any height and diameter.


Plants for pipe production

Longitudinally welded pipe (LSAW) plants, suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Special applications

Plants made according to specific customer's requirements, equipped with customized equipment and devices.

Spare parts

We supply and guarantee original spare parts for every type of machine, from the newest to the oldest. Our sales team is available to guide you to the perfect spare part for your machine.


Maintenance and service

Our technical team is always by your side, even in times of trouble: whether on-site assistance or minor maintenance, you can rely on SOMO.


Remote assistance

Thanks to the remote access setup, in case of breakdown or malfunction, SOMO's technical team will be able to intervene in a timely and accurate manner.

Technology and user-friendliness

Since its earliest years, SOMO has been among the most cutting-edge companies in the industry, always keeping a close eye on the latest technological developments. Constantly updated high technology is combined with the ease of use of SOMO's machines and plants: these two features ensure that every SOMO machine has a high degree of reliability and guarantee productivity that is hard to find in other equivalent machines.

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Low maintenance

Thanks to our high level of know-how and our use of state-of-the-art technology, SOMO machines enjoy a very high level of reliability: once installed, you can almost forget about us, but should you need maintenance you can rely on the prompt intervention of our qualified technicians.

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