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Plants for pipe production

Somo manufactures and supplies machines for plants dedicated to the production
of longitudinally welded pipes (LSAW), ideal for a wide range of applications.
sez 3 impianti tubi prebending principale


Presses designed for the edge crimping on sheet metal plates that will then be shaped to become a pipe.

sez 6 applicazione tubi gallery 1

Multi-press brakes

Multiple presses for tubes production.

sez 3 impanti tubi tackwelding principale

Tack welding

Tack-Welding machine consisting of an automatic edge approaching and closing system.

sez 3 impianti tubi calibratrice principale

Calibration press

Automatic hydraulic press for welded pipes' calibration and straightening.

sez 3 impianti tubi portal press principale

Portal press

Machine made by one single portal press brake up to 10.000 ton force, designed for massive production capacity.

sez 3 impianti tubi hydroforming press principale


Hydroforming plant to clad an outer carbon steel pipe with an inner stainless steel pipe (Inconel).